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and the weather is getting worse and they are hungry and waiting for rescue. the new york city marathon is ready to begin, as it always does in staten island. look at picture of the "new york post" abuse of power. what you see are two huge generators for power from the marathon. they have heated tents using to get ready for the marathon. the big question on the paper is this abuse of power, massive generators while new york city suffers? something to think about. mayor bloomberg is expected to speak at 1230. yesterday he thought the marathon was a good idea. a lot of people are thinking perhaps that is rethought. perhaps that is what he will say at 12:30. bill: these are big decisions. the auto industry front and center, you know that. governor romney preparing to hit the battleground state of ohio. both campaigns going full throttle in the final stretch, crisscrossing a number of key swing states. sometimes landing at airport when the other guy is taking off. john roberts is live in ohio where the governor will attend a ral later this afternoon. little me more about romney's message in the fina
as well. martha: outrage in new york city as the buildings department hits shell shocked homeowners in one queens community with housing violations if you can believe that. eric shawn joins me in breezy point, queens which has been devastated. what's going on with this? >> reporter: imagine you're home is destroyed or severely damaged and you come home and there is a red sticker on your door that threatens criminal prosecution. it says you are failing to maintain the property and you are in violation of building codes. the stickers from the new york city department of building, the agency said they are meant to try to document the damage. but despite that, folks say they were shocked. >> we have no structure damage. we called the building department back down to see if they will reevaluate the structure. >> they have to rip it apart. my stuff is inside but i can't get it out. i'm stuck. >> reporter: a spokesman says the violations were issues solely to document the damage that occurred and property owners will not face any penalties as a result. some of the property owners set they wish th
or heat. hoboken is a city of 50,000. it is right across the hudson river just west of new york city. one of the most densely populated towns in the country. sandy's massive tidal surge flooding that town and trapping folks again with no way out. molly line made her way in. how are things there this morning? molly, hello. >> reporter: bill, like you said there is an incredible amount of devastation here in hoboken. a community that has been put under a tremendous amount of pressure because of all the water. people stuck in apartments and no power. that expectation of no power is likely to go outside seven to 10 days. there is a big sign outside city hall explaining how dire the situation here. the national guard is here with any emergencies and responding to people stuck in various places. the water largely receded around the area. there are still spots where there are six inches, a foot. there are basement apartments underwater. there is now early this morning we're beginning to see some lights come on. we're beginning to see some restaurants open up. for the most part that is not the st
of the new york city area. this adds frustration to already such weary residents across this region. >> mother nature is really killing us right now. we're sorry for whatever we did. we'll make it up to you. >> this is awful. this is beyond terrible. it's awful. i'm done. martha: steve centanni is live in new jersey. steve, that area has been hit so hard and so many people still living through that. what is going on where you are? >> reporter: absolutely. a terrible one-two punch for people already devastated here by hurricane sandy. now we have this early nor'easter. we had a convergence of events a late hurricane and early nor'easter. nine days separating the two huge storms having terrible impact from new jersey, new york, connecticut. we have heavy wet snow. as you can see three inches of snow on the ground. john, pan over and take a look. this road clear behind me. a lot of snow on the trees. power lines are there. the problem there are still leaves on these trees. that makes branches heavy. the heavy wet snow comes down as it did all last night. makes the branch the weak. brea
. gregg: president obama traveling to new york city today to some of the hardest hit neighborhoods actually devastated by superstorm sandy. expected to meet with first-responders as well as families struggling to rebuild. eric sawn is -- shaun live in staten island. what will the president be able to see? >> reporter: gregg, it is just a scene of devastation and destruction. landscape of ruin. this house boarded up, abandoned. this house moved by the force of water. look at the cars, they were completely moved when the water cascaded from the bay onto the streets of staten island. people here are desperate. they say they don't have a lot of hope. they think insurance money will never be able to repair their lives completely. look what they're dealing with. they still don't have electricity more than two weeks after the devastation. take a look at this, we saw a house ripped off its foundations. it is in the middle of the street. sadly, tragically, there are makeshift memorials around this neighborhood. this one is to a man named jimmy rossi. the sign on the door says, we love you,
that comes to us out of new york city where a police officer was photographed helping a homeless man on a frigid night in times square. anna coiman is live in new york with more on this story. i understand you spoke with this officer. >> proud to say that i was able to. officer larry deprimo using his hard earned money bought the man heavy socks and boots. this going viral after being posted on the nypd facebook page. 10,500 users have liked it. not only did the 25-year-old police officer purchase the best boots in the store he's seen putting them on the man. he said it's the least he could do. >> he was an elderly gentleman. his hands were shaking. i knelt down and helped him put the socks and the boots on and he started walking on his way. it was a great moment for the both of us. >> a tourist capturing the touching moment. >> he did not see us, he did not see me an had boots in his hand and i heard him quite clearly say, i have these size 12 all weather boots for you, let's take care of you. and the gentleman sat down against the wall, and i'm telling you his face lit up and he sm
in new york city this thanksgiving where the 86th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade set to get underway any moment. a live look at the big apple where this just outside the fox news world headquarters, millions of spectators are lined up along the parade route. event is packed with plenty of performances and celebratory appearances and santa claus, of course, is going to be out there. and we just got word the parade, for some odd reason, isn't on time, a bit delayed. supposed to begin at 9 a.m. eastern time, hasn't started, but a lot of anxious folks are willing to wait, clearly. ainsley: including us. maybe we can go out and watch it. gregg: my wife and kids are in the building looking out the windows. ames iowans amendment thanksgiving, everybody. say hello to gray thursday. you might have to get used to that one. major retailers opening their doors tonight for early christmas bargains. check this out. folks already in line at this best buy for days in tents ready to spend their money. american shoppers spending $52 billion on black friday last year, 24% of shoppers saying th
-old etan patz. he is waiting behind bars in new york city. and the carmaker says there is a steering defect in several models produced between 2000 and 2011, including the very popular toyota prius and toyota corolla. let's go to my friend who is there with more on that. reporter: i would like to bring in michael sing who is the washington director for north east policy. we have this breaking news on israel. the leading military member of hamas has been killed in gaza. we are going to put that into the mix. here is serious, syria, that war has been raging for 20 months now. now it is starting to spread to other areas. turkey has a refugee issue as will some other areas. jordan, down here, israel and lebanon. this map here, what is your concern? >> welcome one of the things we worry about now are all 20 months of this, this would eventually become a regional conflict. a broader conflict in one confined to syria. we find that happening to some extent. we see strikes in turkey and violence crossing into lebanon. we see a massive outflow of refugees into turkey and lebanon and jordan. of course
stations all over new york city and long island. drivers with license plates ending in odd and even numbers can get gas on alternating days that's the new policy, adding to the frustrations in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. >> this is horrible. >> after they get gas they are calm and happy. i'm not getting cursed at no more. god bless america. bill: that's the rule everywhere. wnyw's an into lewis filed this report. this gas station on long island city, queens. the lines are still here, however, the wait times have significantly decreased. and that has to do with the gas rationing rules in place in the city of new york and long island. similar to what new jersey did earlier this week. if your license plate end in an odd number you can get gas on an odd day. if your license plate end on an even number you will have to go on an even day. with you have an odd number you can gas up today. we also want to remind people that the police are out in force making sure everybody plays fair, everybody plays by the rules. there has been a lot of frustration with that. city understand that. they are t
? martha: some of new york's largest cities at a standstill today. workers going on strike. economic worries, we will be right back all eyes, right here. this is our year. i thought it was last year... turns out i was wrong. none of us would walk in here and settle. that's how we are! i forgot what i was going to say. patrick, i want 100% commitment! because i care man, ok? who are we!? 49ers! 49ers! 49ers! yeah! [ all cheering ] what the heck is going on in here? sorry coach, i just got a little carried away. alright, i think we're good. [ morgan ] for a chance to be in a locker room on game day and more... join visa nfl fan offers and make your season epic. martha: an update on the story we talked about yesterday. a sigh of release, the national anthem is back at that pennsylvania high school hockey games. the commissioner received complaints from around the country, and now he says that he has heard the voice of the people and the league has a fair solution. a recording of the anthem. >> we are to have one national anthem. one minute 15 seconds. we just want to
the hour right now. and most new york public city schools damaged by sandy, we are now learning, will not open until january. what are those kids going to do? the buildings house 18,000 students and are still out of commission. some students are showing up at the relocation sites but many kids have not made it back to class yet. this will be a big problem for a lot of schools in new york. and a jihaddist with links to the taliban is calling for the destruction of the geza pyramids and. they are taking the threats very seriously. the ash much duke joseph diamond, 76carats and flawless is expected to fetch more than $15 million for some lucky lady in somebody's life. $15million. chump change. we'll see. bill: two weeks after sandy, thousands who fled their homes for storm shelters are starting to grapple with new reality, they have nowhere to go. dr. marc siegl, an associate professor of medicine at nyul is with us. >> staying in a shelter that is run well, run swell is a key to staying healthy. i visited a very well managed health sister at a high school in northern new jersey wh
of new york. the basic food supplies that have been cut off because there was no electricity to supply the stores. 22,000 meals will be given out in the new york metropolitan area. >> toilet tissue, water. they are in need of things. people are still feeling it. >> i thank god for charity, helping people, because they didn't have to do this. i'm thankful for it. >> reporter: they say the best thanksgiving would be a return to their normal life. heather: how long with the relief effort last? >> reporter: this will continue until friday. three more days, that means stores will be having their supplies and the power will be back on. the damage here will be lasting. officials admit it will take time. >> the water is back up and running. but there is reports of brown water coming through. folks are told not to use the water from the faucets. that's still a great need and we are trying to get whatever we can. >> reporter: the facebook page, a place at the table connects host families with those in need. heather: thank you so much. gregg: democrats telling the president we should go over the
at the number on the screen. bill: get some answers there. in the meantime as new york and new jersey tries to get back to normal after the impact of that super storm the city is now moving ahead with a plan for a massive cleanup. there are plans for demolishing hundreds of homes that suffered the most damage. rick leventhal is back on staten island now with more there. rick, good morning. >> reporter: bill, the city says it plans to tear down at least 200 of the hardest hit homes in brooklyn, queens and staten island next time in the next few weeks and hundreds more homes may also have to be rased. the city isn't saying which ones. houses like these that are knocked off their foundations are -ts mos the most likely to have to be torn down. the people on staten island are talking about a six year to one month moratorium on anyone who wants to rebuild their damaged homes until they can study the topography, the beaches, and they are talking about new regulations that may have to go into effect. some of these homes may have basketball rebuilt with brick, or on stilts with ten feet high or wit
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)